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Industrial Maintenance Management :

  • Planning and execution of preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Management of maintenance schedules to minimize production downtime.
  • Optimize maintenance operations to reduce costs.

Asset Management :

  • Monitoring and management of industrial equipment, including maintenance, upgrading and replacement when necessary.
  • Use of technologies such as predictive maintenance to extend asset life.

Occupational health and safety :

  • Implementation of health and safety programs to ensure worker protection and regulatory compliance.

Process Optimization :

  • Analysis of industrial processes to identify ways of improving efficiency and productivity.

Industrial Project Management :

  • Project management for the installation, modernization or expansion of industrial facilities.

Technology solutions :

  • Sound advice on purchasing production equipment to improve operational efficiency.

Service Conseil :

  • Supply of skilled workers or day laborers to meet the staffing needs of customer companies.
  • Selection, training and placement of temporary or permanent day laborers.

Industrial property management :

  • Administration and management of the financial, legal and operational aspects of industrial condominiums.
  • Coordination of shared activities, maintenance of shared areas and budget management.
  • Organization and management of general meetings and boards of directors for industrial condominiums.
Objectives :

The company’s main objective is to assist its customers in the efficient, economical and safe maintenance of their industrial facilities.

This includes reducing downtime, optimizing asset life and providing skilled workers or day laborers.

The company is also committed to the efficient management of industrial condominiums, organizing and overseeing the general meetings and boards of directors associated with these properties.